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Help php.ini not working

 Hey ! I tried for the past 2 hours to change the php.ini max_input_vars to 3000 but despite following tutorials online it won't change any help ?


Re: Help php.ini not working

Hi @Danbee, thanks for posting.

If you are using a cPanel hosting plan, you may want to try using a .user.ini file instead of a php.ini file. The file should be placed in your /public_html directory.


Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Re: Help php.ini not working

how do you do that exactly? Im having issues with plugins unable to be loaded because of php.ini


Re: Help php.ini not working

Hi, Gary. I think that the issue I'm experiencing might be similar. I noticed that my domain, is no longer resolving in web browsers. I do not believe I made any changes that would have caused this. At first, I thought it was a DNS issue, but I can view html files hosted at this domain just fine, so it appears to be a php issue (I have an index.php at the root directory). I have a php.ini file, but I do not have a user.ini file. I also don't appear to have a /public_html folder. According to the GoDaddy File Manager web page, everything is under "webroot". Can you help me figure out what happened, and how it can be fixed?