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Hosting Domain currently hosted with another GoDaddy account but registered elsewhere

Hi everyone,


I have a domain registered with a third party registrar and hosted under a godaddy account. Now I want to host the same domain with a different godaddy account.


As there is no option to move the hosted domain, I added an addon domain on the target godaddy account but nothing happens. Also, on my cPanel there is no 'hosted domains' option.


Any idea how I can get it done?

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Hi @vgang,


speak to support about domain transfer service, or look for the links.

Thank you for your quick response.


I've gone through the info on domain transfer service, but only refer to domains registered with godaddy as well so there is an option in the domain management to move it to another account. The one I want to move is registered elsewhere and just hosted on GoDaddy and such an option does not exist.


Will try calling customer support, however in the meantime would appreciate any further ideas anyone might have.