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How to configure domain?

Hello there,


I have a deluxe plan and three WordPress websites.

As we know all three websites are installed in 'public_html' folder.

Main website (main domain) usually is in 'public_html' whereas other two are  in each folder, for example 'public_html/web1 and public_html/web2'.


My question is how do I install the main website in a seperate folder without affecting domain name? 

In the WordPress installation, I can choose subfolder, for example, I tried and it  installed in 'public_html/web'

but then the website domain looked like this -  and then typing it directed me to the cpanel, not to the actual website.


is there a way how to fix this? as I believe installing the main website in public_html and then other websites in the same folder aren't correct.


Could you advise on this?




Helper V

As you said you're using the deluxe plan, note that it allows you to add unlimited domains which are known as Add on Domains.


In here you'll have to install your main website in public_html only and all others in a separate folder in public_html which will be created automatically when you add a new domain. Manually creating a folder and then adding the domain will not work !


I suggest you clear everything and start from scratch so that it will be easy if you made any errors while installation.


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You said "main website in public_html only and all others in a separate folder in public_html " 

Wouldn't this somehow give problems in the future for other websites that I will add? 

There will be no issues.


However Godaddy has no reseller plan where you get spearate CPanel accounts for your website in a single plan so if you plan to stick with Godaddy then this is only the option.


If you need a reseller plan then check out my website and also I must tell you that if your server resources are used completely then all websites that is hosted will affect.


Still if you need more suggestions then we can talk via Skype.


Please give it a +1 and also click "Mark As Accepted Solution" if you find it satisfactory. Thanking You With Regards | Harry Parmar

Your link is 'invalid' it won't open.


Never thought about server resources, where do I see them? so that means if I use all resources websites will be superslow?