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Helper IV

How to set up custom php.ini files

Hi Friends,
I have created a video walk-through on " How to set up custom php.ini files."

Note: After modification, remove " phpinfo.php " file from public_html directory. It ensures, No one can able to view the information on PHP INI file.  




A php.ini file contains directives for controlling many PHP settings. You can set up one or multiple custom php.ini files to define how your web site functions. For example, you might have a custom file in your /home/username/public_html directory for your web site's main pages, and a separate custom file in your /home/username/public_html/images directory for your web site's image files.


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If You find above video is helpful. Give me a kudos!.
Thank You.

Smiley Happy

Helper VI

Hi @manojkumarcdo, it looks nice!

It probably would help new users to set it properly!

I'd recommend to remove the phpinfo from public_html/ for security reasons. Or at least rename it and put it in a password protected directory.



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Hi, thanks for the video. However, these instructions seem to be for cpanel access, not for Managed Wordpress. I am unable to access the public_html folder with the FTP/SFTP access GoDaddy has provided. Nor does their Support Team indicate how I can access or setup php.ini files. Can you advise further? Your help is greatly appreciated.


For whatever reason, changing my php.ini settings in /public_html isn't working. I've tried altering through shell (no permission to edit that file) and putting it in the root directory. I've killed php processes.  And I check it with phpinfo(). Nothing changes. It's been like this for days. And I can't launch my site because I utilize sessions and there's settings I want to alter to make them more secure.

I would ask godaddy what the deal is but their 24/7 support has been unavailable. The chat is always busy and I can't call the 24/7 support line because where I live there cell signal is bad and my calls drop. Any ideas? Did I forget a step? I looked all around the community, followed guides all around the site and community forums and nothing I've tried works.


Hi all,


  I'm trying to change my website's session timer. I'm using CPanel and from the documentation I've read, I should just need to add a php.ini file to the public_html folder and in the php.ini file, have the line session.gc_maxlifetime = 3600, go into PHP process and kill all processes.


  But that didn't change the session timer. I was wondering if anyone can help please?






I followed the instructions and it will not work. I called godaddy and they told me i would have to pay for extra support to get it working.


Good news!


There has been an issue preventing php.ini from loading in cPanel hosting. As of yesterday this has been corrected.

I liked your video Incapio. 

Do you have a video that can help me setup the php.ini for a simple email form in a GoDaddy cpanel/Linux hosting environment?