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I can not access the dashboard wordpress of my site ?


I'm one of your customers I bought your domain and hosting, and I got to this point  ( photo 1 )  but when I click on the link (

will not turn me into a Dashboard for WordPress, it converts me to this site ( photo 2 ). Either when you click on ( ) show me this page ( photo 3 ), this means that the site is not safe and can not be accessed .. please help with thanks. 2.PNG

Capture 3.PNG


Community Manager

Hi @hamudy. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! This looks to be an issue with the DNS for your domain. When I do a dig test, it shows that you have multiple nameservers set for the domain. Typically, you would only have two, but I'm seeing 6. If your domain is hosted and registered with GoDaddy, make sure you're using the default or standard nameservers in your domain's DNS settings. If you already are, then you'll need to contact support so they can look at what's going on. Keep in mind that nameserver changes can take up to 48 hours to fully spread throughout the internet. 


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