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I can't upload image !! help please

I was using an other host before I came to goddady host and it work perfect !

but I dont know what is the problem here, I have a dating website and when I try to set a image profile it wont !! that probleme happen just with godaddy cpanel please I need someone to help fix it i just want to know what is the probleme.

Super User III
Super User III

Re: I can't upload image !! help please



That sounds like a caching issue most likely. Try clearing your browser cache or working in an incognito/private window.


If that's not it, it could be a misconfiguration on a your cPanel. You'd want to review all the settings, including PHP version, to determine if you installation is truly compatible. You may need to make some changes. If you can't figure it out, you'd likely have to hire a dev to help you determine the issue and correct it. 

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Re: I can't upload image !! help please

I do what u told me but still got the probleme 

what should I do ?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: I can't upload image !! help please

Hi @moumenmehdi. It's difficult to say for sure what's happening in your situation without more information. If you're still having trouble, I suggest reviewing the post here to learn more about what kind of information you can supply to help others offer good responses. I'd also recommend reviewing this post for more information on requesting help via the forums. Hope you're able to get this figured out!


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