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I renew one domain out of three and suddenly my linux cpanel hosting files and db cannot be found

My 2 domain out of 3 hosted under godaddy linux cpanel hosting( in which 2 also expired) and there was a failed billing of autorenewal, now this is the 3rd day and I have successfully renewed one of the domain manually but I noticed immediately that all my files and database have lost on all my domain telling to begin a new set up, even on the ones that is to expire next month, now am scared my files and database gone even after paying for renewal..


The domain names - , (which is to expire next month) and are having issues with their files and database being lost.. 


Any help appreciated


Hi @scholar1234, thanks for posting.

Looking at the domain, it looks like there's different issues for each one. is displaying a generic coming soon page. This usually indicates that files have not been uploaded to the site. is displaying a 503 error message. This usually indicates that the server wasn't able to respond to the request. is not pointing to the same server as

The domain is not currently registered.

If you have specific questions regarding your account or your renewals, I suggest calling Support to review your account in detail with them.


Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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