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Initial load very slow!

I have a problem which I couldn't find a solution over the phone.

Whom do you suggest I should ask?


Now, the thing is the GoDaddy hosting is not fast anymore. Can it be about me being an old customer that refreshed the hosting account a couple of months ago?


Whenever I call the customer service, they just go over Pingdom tests or gtmetrics and tell that it's about the website itself. But it is not.


If you test over Pingdom for the United Kingdom, the load time result is 1.5seconds which is so good for a heavy website. As the problem told is about the website being heavy, how can it load as fast as 1.5seconds for the United Kingdom. That's normal because the data center is located in Europe.


So the thing as I told is, my customers are based on Turkey, the data center is chosen as Europe. I can not have that loading time for the same website on Turkey. Forget about 1.5 secs, not even 5 but occasionally at least 10 seconds is not worth the money paid for the hosting. 


So my request will be rather than offering a CDN product sales from the customer service, (I will absolutely change my host provider next time) keeping an eye for the solution that I have mentioned.


Thank you.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Initial load very slow!

Hi @AB01. Thanks for taking the time to share. Sorry to hear you're having troubles. Many times, site content can make it load more slowly. Pingdom and GTMetrix tests are valid things to look at any time a site loads slowly. However, if it loads slowly only in a specific region, then it's probably not the content. I could be a network issue. That is sometimes within GoDaddy's ability to address, but many times it's not. If you can share the site here, others in the community can take a look and maybe offer suggestions on your way forward. 


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