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Install AbanteCart failing



I am Using Deluxe Hosting - My hosting account was moved to newer servers by Godaddy in the last few days.

I am trying to install AbanteCart from Cpanel Installatron application installer.


I have tried to install various versions but the install always fails with the following messages.


! The selected version is not compatible with the selected install location.


mysql-version-minimum v5 (detected: OFF)
php-gd-version-minimum v1 (detected: OFF)
php-zip-version-minimum v1 (detected: OFF)


I am not finding an answer although I have been searching all day.

My knowledge level is not high.

I am hoping a more knowledgeable member might easily spot the  issue from the error message.


Hi @David43

This issue has already been addressed here. Take a look!


KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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