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Installatron leaking failed/partial backups

Went to look for the culprit of why my shared hosting site was using 40GB more than it should, and it turned out that even though there were only 5 actual Installatron backups of my site, the ./application_backups/ directory contained about 15 files of varying sizes from 200MB - 5GB.  (My site backups run 6GB each.)


After downloading all of the "unexplained" files (the ~10 files not linked to from Installatron as one of the 5 valid backups), it turns out they are all invalid, truncated, "unexpected end of data" gzip files.


I suspect there is an issue going on similar to, "Tasks never complete or terminate prematurely", and that there are Installatron backups being aborted or failing "all the time".  And the retries just continue until a valid backup is finally produced.


But nothing is cleaning up the failed attempts, nor is the user even aware that a failed attempt has occurred.


I've already manually deleted the current invalid backup files.  I just wanted to post and make sure GoDaddy knows, and any other customer not sure where their disk space is going knows to check for this issue.

Community Manager

Hi @EA117Admin. Thanks for taking the time to share your findings. I was able to confirm that this seems to happen in test accounts as well. This falls into a bit of a gray area in terms of how it should be managed. Most of the time, application backups aren't quite so large. Also, given that most accounts don't have a storage limit, it's not likely to cause account issues. Additionally, we always want our customers to be actively monitoring the files in their account. Objectively, since the failure to backup would most likely be detected by the Installatron software, it would make sense to me for that platform to send a notification. However, it doesn't seem to have that feature. Hopefully, this post will help others locate additional files if they're running into problems. 


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