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Is it possible to deploy RESTful service?

I have Linux deluxe hosting with cPanel, I'm making apps and need some web service, say if I have a mysql database, and the API need to return something based on given criteria:




then I can get JSON as response.


Is this kind of thing possible on goDaddy? And what are the steps? Does my product support Python?



Community Manager

Hi @haozhexu. Welcome to GoDaddy Community! Whether you'd be able to support your app using our cPanel hosting would depend on what resources your scripts require. You can see the software versions that are available on your hosting plan here. It's possible that your script would require resources that are not available or accessible on the cPanel Hosting environment. If you can give a more specific description of exactly what your app/script would need, someone might be able to help you get moving in the right direction. 


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