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Issue uploading images to my new wordpress site

So I created my new wordpress site yesterday, but every time I try to upload an image nothing happens! I click on upload media and nothing. I am a beginner and I have tried deactivating the one plugin I added to the site after it went live. And still nothing. So i cant play around with images or create posts. I've worked with a wordpress site before but just for blogging. BTW I dont receive an error code just nothing happens. 


I've been reading troubleshooting and its all jargan to me. Can someone please help and explain in very simple step by step?

Thank you!

Super User II

@fionagriffin15  What size are the images you are trying to upload?  If they are humungous this could be why you are experienceing what you are.  Usually high resolution camera images can be thousdands of pixels in size.  This is overkill considering the Web is 72 dpi.


Unless a specific image size is defined by your theme, for basic display purposes you don't need to upload anything larger than 1600 x 1600 pixels.  That's just a general rule of thumb that I use.


Try resizing/scaling your images down to a more manegable size and see if that makes a difference.


HTH! 😉

"Good things happen to those who hustle." ~ Anaïs Nin

Hi Muse. 

thanks for the reply, my files are quiet small even some as small as thumbnails. The issue is that it does not let me select images. I tried to drag an image and it uploaded ok, but selecting an image and opening directly to the PC is just not working. which is so much faster i think.

Any ideas?

@fionagriffin15  When things don't work as they should the first thing I think of is a plugin conflict.


Deactivate all your plugins and see if the issue persists.  If it does then you know you have a bad actor.  Activate each plugin one by one until the issue rears it's ugly head again and you know who the culprit is.  Then find a replacement for that plugin.


While you are at it make sure all your plugins are compatible with WP 4.7.4.


HTH! 😉


"Good things happen to those who hustle." ~ Anaïs Nin

I am having the exact same issue. The wordpress blog is perfect, but the image thumbnails will not show on GoDaddy. I do not have any wordpress plugins, and all my images are smaller in size



You have a WordPress website and no plugins at all? Smiley Surprised


Are you referring to images added within a page or post or featured images on the home page or archives?   


A URL to view would be helpful... 😉

"Good things happen to those who hustle." ~ Anaïs Nin


I am literally so done with trying, I am having the same problem! 7 hours into struggling here.




Screenshot (11).pngScreenshot (10).pngScreenshot (9).png

Hi, I have this same problem. I have switched to google blogger-which is free- and that shows up as a picture in your blog feed. Looks really good on the godaddy site. See for an eg. but the google blogger site itself is nowhere as nice to view as the Wordpress site. If you click on my blo yo will get the idea...the image kind of slips around.... however I’ve decided to tolerate that in because I think the visual on the website is too important. Would like to know how to fix the daddy! Wordpress interface though.... Jodie

Ps should add that google blogger interfaces really well with the phone...the slippage only happens if u view on your in some ways it doesn’t matter as its almost all about viewing things on phones these days. Hope that helps a bit! And saves you $60, or whatever you are paying for the Wordpress blogger interface. Cheers Jodie