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Issues, unresolved since last year - no response from support

Was convinced to switch over to cpanel by Godaddy.


Have to toy with deleting cookies constantly to get it to actually load, real bummer and reported in 2020, no fix or update.


Emails created in cpanel don't get properly configured - SPF, DMARC, SOA out of range by default. So all the Godaddy emails I was told to closeout and setup in cpanel need extra DNS configuring.


GoDaddy support used to be pretty stellar - that the above issues exist, and are still not resolved (and apparently the loading has existed for a while, old threads are marked as solved yet not solved and you can't reply to them), that they are still not resolved and there is lackluster support is not the Godaddy I remember unfortunately.



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I'm a little confused by your question / issues 

1) SPF/ DMARC / SOA - these are DNS items not specific to cPanel - Unlike many providers that use the cPanel as the DNS server - GoDaddy has their own DNS system independent of the cPanel so any of these settings would be configured there


2) Deleting Cookies - I'm assuming you mean when trying to access the cPanel via the GoDaddy Dashboard - I can tell you I run into this every so often - but I also often switch between my account and my client's account either via delegated access or direct login - one thing I do if I run into the issue is just use an incognito window for the task I need to do then - by the time I go back to the regular browser it is working fine.

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Hi, we're sorry for your confusion, thanks for the input and some additional for you -


1) Sales indicated cpanel would be just like the linux hosting package and the emails when created would get setup automatically and that it would actually be just a better version of what we have (that by the way they are retiring), but we found this is not entirely true and, as you say some manual configuration is needed in DNS. We think many users will not understand this need as they switch from the older offerings to cpanel - and as others have said in multiple threads, even the initial tier support staff for the most part does not grasp the nuances and limitations of cpanel. This is ok from our perspective, as we imagine the cost and effort that will be needed in fielding those user's support requests will at some point impact the bottom line sufficiently causing a better resolution path in order to drive down the added costs and reduce the load on support team, perhaps might even allow for more education on the issue across support.


2) First, we're talking about a single account in this case, and moving to cpanel from other GoDaddy pages - not multiple client accounts. Also note that it does not occur if you go to cpanel by clicking 'Install Applications' under websites on the GD My Hosting page so a clean and consistent transfer from the Godaddy web pages to the cpanel does exist without the issue but clicking the cpanel admin often just brings one to a page with circle that never loads. And sure, we can delete cookies and use incognito but the point is, we shouldn't have to, and many GoDaddy users who don't have the patience or the understanding of that will get frustrated - clearly as evidenced from this thread, we get frustrated and annoyed at having to do it. If it was programmed correctly, if someone took the time to find the cookie data or code that is based on it, that is causing the issue by doing the QA/QC and adjust, it would be a non-issue instead forcing us as users to go through the process of needlessly deleting cookies, etc. each time. It's just sloppy in a customer service oriented industry/world. Again, it will work itself out as more customers are brought onto cpanel and report the issue. We are just missing the old days when GoDaddy was proactive and awesome and could be recommended to others.