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Js not working

I have a new hosting for my domain called just completed my site for this domain and uploaded files to hosting after checking locally using XAMP and WAMP. When i run this site its shows loading errors,i inspect it seems no js working at all.I tried my another hosting with this same files its working very well.

How can i fix this issue?

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Hi @Gravity_IS,


I had an exact same problem yesterday and a host (no pun intended) of other crazy stuff. I got a refund on my hosting (after wasting a full day) and went back to hosting myself on my own server where everything works as it should.

Could you perhaps paste the errors you are getting?


In  my website i had added a loader which is working in javascript.In this issue the loader running and no other pages loading.the same file working with other hosting


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Hi @Gravity_IS,


Another problem is uploading screenshots to the forum? I'm not sure why, but sometimes they just don't display. When uploading it's best to give it time to finish properly. I'm not sure folk are....... I think they click on upload then exit and do 'other more important stuff'? Without checking wether their post succeeded or not............... I can't see the screenshots!