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Linux Hosting cPanel Deluxe - Resource Usage and WordPress

I've purchased a Linux Hosting cPanel solution. This seemed to be the best solution to meet my needs as long as I want to host more than one website but not more than 8 websites . So far I just have 5 Wordpress websites, 2 are already finished, and I'm trying to work on the 3rd. The 2 websites already working are not bigger than 27MB and their databases are not bigger than 0.2MB. I don't have huge traffic on them and these sites are not Big Heavy Websites. Every time I want to make some changes to the 3rd website, like adding a page make a backup, add some files or any other action, it just don't work, the Memory Usage and the I/O Usage go to the limit. I really don't understand. I though I made a mistake while choosing the right solution for me but when I read the cPanel Deluxe package. I just see:  Websites, Disk Space, Bandwidth:Unlimited, MySQL 25x1Gb. So far nothing that is below my usage. There's NO specs on the memory or any information of that type. 24/7 Phone and mail support included. I didn't find anything on the address on which I am supposed to get help, and the chat doesn't seem to get online. 
I'm getting kinda desperate not to be able to do my work or get support. What did I do wrong? I really need a solution as soon as possible.  I hope I didn't make a mistake by choosing this package or by choosing GoDaddy as hosting provider. If there is anything someone can advise me to do to sort this I would love to hear from you. Thank you in advance for your help!


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Wow, there is a lot to unpack here. Let me start by saying, it has been my consistent experience that GoDaddy is a robust hosting solution for budgets big to small. I have been a GoDaddy customer for 15+ years and have found no better company with a business hosting solution that is as sturdy and dependable.

I'd have to really look at the traffic and websites but eight (8) websites might not be unreasonable for one Linux Hosting on cPanel? I will say that WordPress is a bit of a resource hog so maybe putting three (3) WordPress installs, databases and file resources might be pushing it? Have you considered consolidating some of the websites to a WordPress multisite installation? Typically on one client hosting I would only install one WordPress installation (main) and a second as a sandbox with the second install having almost no traffic.

As for contacting GoDaddy I have found that to be a pleasant experience as well (for the most part). There is some hold time involved when you call on the phone but if you choose "no music on hold", have your customer number and PIN ready then it should not be too bad? I find that being aware of timezones is greatly beneficial when calling. Know that GoDaddy is a global company fielding calls in several timezones. I have literally never used the GoDaddy chat feature so I can't comment on that. I will say that directly speaking to a knowledgeable customer service representative is one of the best things about GoDaddy as a company.

GoDaddy also has a vast amount of help resources online. Odds are if you have a question there is an article on that very subject already? I found How do each of cPanel's resources affect my site?

Doesn't seem like you did/are doing anything wrong to me. I am curious to know what kind of solution you had for these websites in the past? I don't know that consolidating five (5) hosting packages to any one is realistic but again I don't know your current environment or your previous one. I hope that I helped a little?

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Roy nailed it!  WordPress has it's own unique resource requirements and can be a hog.  What contributes to that can be themes and plugin choices too.


I don't recommend products that I don't test first with my own sites and I've been running several of my sites on GD's Managed WordPress. I really have no complaints performance-wise so far....


So maybe consider moving to the Managed WordPress platform 5 pack -- then make sure you have themes and plugins that are lean and mean too!

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