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Loss in connection error and slow business hosting speed

This is very frustrating, having this issue for over 2 weeks now and no one to help. The chat is not working and the line is not going through. Terrible experience and i am so upset right now. Please can someone tell me how i can reach the customer care?


I upgraded to business hosting and since then i have been experiencing loss in connection (see attached) my website speed is also slow. I am paying more i should have better service. Please i need help my members are complaining bitterly everydaywebsite.png


Hi @databasefm,


Welcome to the Community!

Were you able to connect with GoDaddy customer support and resolve your issue? If you would like input from the Community volunteers, please include your domain name (URL) so that others can check the website externally and offer suggestions or remedy for your website. 


Chat support is available from 5am-6pm MST (GMT-7), Monday - Friday on the GoDaddy US page:



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Hello thanks for responding,


I am still experiencing the problem and the chat not working either on US or UK domain.


I know your customer base is large and not helping those with issues for months is not acceptable. Worse experience ever and I cant wait to exhaust my hosting plan.


Till then please and please help me solve my problem, let me have value for my money.

I am having problem for over 2 months and no one to help


My members cannot access my website


Someone should please help me, what can I do.


Go daddy customer service is the worse I have ever encountered very bad


This is frustrating ‌!

I have also this issue for weeks or better months now. Also Business Hosting. Lost connections. SQL error and often HTTP502, 503, 504 errors. Websites down then for some minutes. At least 1-2 times a day.


Chatted several times with the support. But no really help. Last info I got: It's a known issue and they are working on it... But as I said. Problem consists for several weeks now.


Hopefully they can solve this.

Thanks for your response,

It is really frustrating for me because my website is a members website sometimes they can access the page and sometimes they cant.

Community Manager

Hi @databasefm. Sorry you're still having trouble. My first thought in seeing this error is that maybe it's something as simple as your connection string? I don't know why your database credentials or connection path would have changed, but it seems possible that something could have happened during your migration to a different plan. Have you been able to check your database connection details in your applications configuration file? 


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Again I have massive problems with my sites... And getting "Cant connect to SQL Socket" errors.. As I can see databasefm's website is also not working again at the moment...


I am pretty sure, that the server / database whatever from godaddy seems not to be ok! I really ask you to solve this issue! We are paying a lot of money for this hosting!