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Migrating from legacy to cpanel - account problems.

Earlier in the month I migrated from a legacy linux hosting account to a cpanel account. There is no direct route for the migration so you have to create a new cpanel account and kill the old legacy account.


Easier said.... when creating the new cpanel account you are asked for the primary domain name. Well I want the same domain name as used on the old account. NOPE. The domain has to be unassigned to be used!.


Okay, I will use a dormant domain to set up the account then change the primary afterwards NOPE.  Even after killing the old account the ability to change the primary domain isn't available. An hour online with tech support didn't fix the problem. Waited for 24 hours and tried tech support again. They managed to free up the primary domain name so I could assign it to the new hosting account an make it primary. (ALL websites were down during this period.


Now, I have another hosting account I want to migrate. I really don't want to go through all this again. Honestly, there should be some instruction on how to migrate an existing account. ALL the instructions I have seen assume your primary domain is sitting out there unassigned to any other hosting account. I suppose I can assign another domain as primary in the legacy account and remove the domain I want to use on the new account from the legacy hosting. Last time I updated the DNS of the domain to the new cpanel account, but it did nothing. Support had to do something else to get it to work. 


Any ideas?