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Moodle Still Broken -MySQL Barracuda format is not available.

On 6/26/2018 another person brought up the problem with the Moodle install through Installatron.


We are approaching a year later and the problem is still there and the Moodle install is still listed via Installatron.  


I've just tried installing the latest Moodle (26th March 2019), and even though it is still offered under Installatron, it still presents the same error message "MySQL Barracuda format is not available". Will Godaddy support the Barracuda format or stick to the current Antelope format?

So, in the Oct 16 2018 thread, a community manager gives the following solution: "It looks like we rolled back the version of Moodle that's available via Installatron. I was able to successfully install Moodle 3.4.5. The 3.5 version (while listed on the Moodle information page) is not available to install any longer.


However, I'm in Installatron right now, and the only versions listed as available are: 3.6.6 ("recommended" but results in the error message in the OP), 3.1.14, and older.  (The list doesn't show any versions from 3.2 to 3.6 5.) 


Does anyone know a solution?