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Moodle on shared hosting plan


I have just Moodle installed on a shared hosting plan in another company. But when I tried to restore a course it failed. They told me that "restoration attempt is hampered by the Apache limits"


I want to know if the same limits apply here before I transfer my website to godaddy.


Thank you.

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Hi @finestuff,


fine stuff? lol

TBH it all depends on the package you choose, as to what limits there are. 

I would speak with support who on hearing your requirements will be in the best position to advise you.


Chat Arizona USA local time 5am ~ 6pm

phones 24/7




Sorry, but I teach web development and my students are using Hostgator, AWS, Bluehost, Google, and GoDaddy (No longer GoDaddy after today) I have installed Moodle on my shared hosting plan with Bluehost and Hostgator (these hosts are under the same company) with ZERO problems. I needed to upgrade my PhP version to 7 and that was the only step.


I am also a GoDaddy customer and you cannot install Moodle because GoDaddy does not offer MySQL Barracuda. I installed this morning but no dice. GoDaddy sucks. I have 500+ web development students and will advise them to stay AWAY from GoDaddy. It is a joke and a ripoff.  WHY would GoDaddy offer a one step software install that they DO NOT support. All they care about is squeezing every penny they can out of customers.


I have 4 classes tomorrow morning and I am making the announcement in all e web classes to my students and posting on all available web and social media platforms my experience with GoDaddy. I am also contracting on the side for a large defense contractor and was considering a dedicated server to host varoius LMS platforms from GoDaddy but no way now. Again, let me reiterate, GoDaddy is a horrible host please do not waste your time or money on these scammers.