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Move Domains from Windows Hosting to Linux Hosting Under Same Account

I have a Windows hosting account which has 5 domains associated with it and have purchased a Linux Hosting account under the same account. I now need to transfer the old domains from the Windows hosting to the Linux hosting.


I also need to setup the domains to point to the new /public_html/website_name folder on the Linux hosting account. I can't find out how to do that in the new cPanel!

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Re: Move Domains from Windows Hosting to Linux Hosting Under Same Account

Hi @MagiTrick. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community!


Moving from one platform to another can be tricky. For what you're trying to do, I would suggest the following steps:

(Assuming you have a Plesk Windows and cPanel Linux account)

  1. Set up your cPanel account using a false domain name. Any name will work as long as it's not already set up in our system. 
  2. Set up your current domains as "Addon" domains within cPanel. This will create directories for the new sites and get the hosting account set up to route the domains correctly. 
  3. Download a copy of all website files and databases from your Plesk account. Use FTP to download the files and phpMyAdmin (in Plesk) to export SQL files for any database. 
  4. In cPanel, upload files to their correct directories, create databases, and import database content (again with phpMyAdmin in cPanel). For any databases, you'll need to make sure you update the associated website's connection string. On cPanel, your database host will always be 'localhost'. 
  5. Update your domain's A Record to point to the IP address of your cPanel account. You can use these steps to find your account's IP. If your domain is using GoDaddy nameservers, you can use these steps to update your domain's A Record.
  6. Wait. You'll need to wait to make sure your domain is resolving to the correct IP address before canceling your Plesk account. You can use a service like to track that change. 
  7. Once you're positive that all of your domains are pointing to the new IP, you can cancel your Plesk account and consider the sites moved!

Does anyone else in the community have additional suggestions to aid in a smooth transition? 


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Re: Move Domains from Windows Hosting to Linux Hosting Under Same Account

I did a did a combination of items above as well as some other things since some of my domains were forwarded. It should work now though once DNS updates.

Re: Move Domains from Windows Hosting to Linux Hosting Under Same Account



We have a Classic Linux Hosting account and Cpanel one. We would like to transfer our websites (around 5 websites)  hosted within Classic Linux to Cpanel. Will it have the same process as this one? I'm kind of new to this thing.




Trouble linking with Domain Hosting

When I attempt to change my domain in
I encounter a problem that is linked to another account domain
This is the error message that I face:

REQUEST_FAIL:Smiley already in use. [EXISTING_ACCOUNT_UID]xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxx

Since the days I have been trying to contact via chat support, but seem it's closed
Please help me solve the problem of party officials
Note that I can not contact technical support over the phone, because I do not speak English well pronunciation


Re: Trouble linking with Domain Hosting

Hey @coobra,


Have you tried some of the suggestions previously posted in this discussion already?


If you're still seeing indications of your domain in use while trying to apply it to your new hosting plan, you'll have to reach out to our live support via phone or chat so they can help investigate into what is causing this. Since this is a public discussion forum, no one here is going to have access to the account. 


CG - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Helper V

Re: Trouble linking with Domain Hosting

@cobra, if anyone is able to help you here then you are likely to get better help if you create a new question. My guess is that that the domain name has been used elsewhere so anything you can say about the previous use will likely help.

Helper I

Re: Move Domains from Windows Hosting to Linux Hosting Under Same Account

That's such a great answer.  Is there any way to get Godaddy technicians to move my domains for me from Plesk to CPanel?  I was seriously misguided during the migration from Godaddy's previous hosting platform to my choice of Plesk of CPanel.  I obviously made a HUGE mistake choosing Plesk.  I've already made the Linux purchase and have 27 days left on my Plesk hosting.  I'm asking because an experienced GoDaddy technician could probably do this without sifting through manuals and forums, and even better, without error.  Otherwise, is there a step by step migration procedure that I can follow?