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Move a domain from windows deluxe hosting to linux Cpanel hosting


I have a domain( hosted at other hosting provider(Server sea).


On Godaddy I have 2 hosting accounts one is Windows Deluxe hosting and another is Linux Cpanel Hosting.


I want to transfer my domain from Windows hosting to Linux Hosting. I will not be using windows hosting and use Linux hosting instead.


Can you you please guide what steps should be taken?


I will be grateful for you support.


Thank you




Re: Transfer a domain from windows deluxe hosting to linux Cpanel hosting

Plz reply soon


Re: Move a domain from windows deluxe hosting to linux Cpanel hosting

Hi @k_mahmood2000, thanks for posting.

There is not a direct way to move a domain name from one hosting plan to another.

Without knowing the specific details of your account setup, I'm assuming that this is the only domain name associated with your current hosting plan and that your cPanel plan is not set up at all. If you are hosting multiple websites, this process could deleted any other websites on your hosting plan. Since you stated that you will not be using the Windows hosting anymore, I'm also assuming that you'll want to cancel it.

The first steps will be to backup and save a copy of your website and all files on your current hosting plan. If you are using any databases, you will also want to export/backup the databases as well. If you will be rebuilding our site or do not wish to keep the current site, this steps isn't as important. See steps here to cancel:

Once canceled the domain name will become available for use on another hosting plan in about 24 hours. Once available, you can use the steps here to set up your new cPanel account:


If you have any trouble with this or need immediate Support, you will want to call Customer Support. They can be reached through any of the numbers on this page:


Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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