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My emails aren't always being sent

I have a couple of email address and domains set up via Cpanel and Im sending emails via my phone and my computer on the recommended settings, sometimes these emails go through sometimes they don't.


they always appear in my sent inbox, as sent but are just not received sometimes to various other inboxes.






Resolver VI

Hello lgnuk,

I hope you are well.  When a message doesn't get delivered but no rejection email is sent, it's difficult to know what the reason is.  Contact Godaddy customer care team, they can request  to advanced support team look at the email logs to see if there were any problems with delivery.


A couple of things I can suggest trying before calling. Test sending out mail from multiple email clients if possible. This includes Webmail. Be sure your recipients have checked spam message folders and their mail filtering settings to ensure your messages are being sent directly to the inbox and not elsewhere by mistake. If possible, try sending from different devices or networks as it could be an isolated system or local network issue.


Zulfiqar Anees | Founder/CEO at FastTech Media, TechMag, TechKnowable, and ZulWeb | GoDaddy Pro.