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My website is down, and i cannot login to cpanel

The last 4 hours my website  ( ) is not working, I can not contact the support. Also i am not able to login into cpanel. Please help to solve this problem. It seems this is a hosting problem. 


I am also facing the same issue.

Same here. 

It seems everyone is having problems with GoDaddy hosting.


Same here, first error 502, now down for maintenance or to much visitors (which is not the case I'm sure).

Trying to reach support, but being on hold for the last half hour. What's happening, more people are facing this issue? I'm slightly concerned!

Strange , one of my websites is completely offline. When I login to Cpanel there are no Wordpress installations  listed there for me to edit.   My other site is working  but there is no  WordPress install showing up. On the main page of my Cpanel  memory usage is RED   maximum usage, and   I/O usage is also RED maxed out. I created some new pages and  new Widgets  on the working  site   two days  ago they are now gone. And my site was restored to what it was last week with old widgets. I did not  restore anything, plus those new pages took a very long time to create What's going  on here, where are are my pages?