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My website is down! server is not responding

Hello there, I have a cPanel economy host website, it was working perfect for month, 3 days ago it's down, chrome says "website took too long to respond" and safari says "server is not responding" I even tried to delete everything and try a hello world page as an index and it didn't work! so it's definitely a server problem and I can't fix it, I even can't call the support cuz international calls are very very and very expensive in my country :"D 

Is there a way to fix it manually? "please note that, ssh connection is not reaching the site too"

Former Employee

Hi CollegeSM,


There are a dozen different things that could cause this. I would suggest trying to reach support via the livechat option. Alternatively, there are local numbers based on location which can be found here:


These should help you avoid those costly international calling fees! Hope this helps! 


Hey JayFromEpic


I texted them in the chat and the agent told me that the chat is not for the technical support!! it's for the sales and stuff like that, and that I have to call them, and unfortunately they don't have a number for Egypt 😞 

Hi CollegeSM,


I know in the past apps like Skype allowed free calls to toll free numbers. I would suggest using skype and seeing if you can call to the toll free number for free, I found this online: 1-866-463-2339 (1-866-GO-DADDY)



Hope this helps!