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MySQL data content loosed

Hello everybody,

I'm facing a big problem, I had a MySQL table with +-27000 rows. Yesterday I realized I had just 160. I'm not doing anything in this table last weeks, and I checked also the log files to be sure no one have deleted it. But the content is actually loosed. The earlier backup has already just 160 rows, and the full integral backup is from April, so i'm unable to recover the info between april and now. Can anyone tell me if there's a solution to the data lost, and also to explain me, how it can simply disappear?????

Thanks by any help

Community Manager

Hi @peixoto. So sorry to hear you've had this trouble. I'm guessing you have not maintained a local backup based on what you're saying, which is unfortunate. If the data isn't available in the backup within your account,  and you don't have your own copy, I don't know of a way you'd be able to recover it. However, it wouldn't hurt to reach out to our support team to see if there is anything on our end that can be done. 

As for how the data could disappear, this could happen in many ways. Most likely it was through something in your application. Our support team can double check to make sure it wasn't an issue on our end. 


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