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MySQL keeps revoking user access

We've had a wordpress website + database hosted on GD for over a year now, and starting yesterday AM, our main Wordpress user keeps getting "deleted" by the mysql database.


In "Current Databases" it will show the database name, size, and "Privileged Users" will be blank. I will then have to re-add the user to the database with full privileges to get the website working again.


This happens on average every 2-3 hours - meaning our website is experiencing massive downtime. While I could write a script to check whether the database user is assigned to the DB, and if not, re-assign them, it seems like a configuration/server issue, rather than something I should have to program against.


To confirm, we have changed nothing about the configuration/setup of the website for over a month, and these issues have only started happening in the last day, so from my point of view, I'm pretty sure it's either a database or server issue, rather than our website.


Anyone experienced anything similar, as it's getting pretty tiring re-assigning the user every couple of hours!


Yes, i'm also facing this problem from last 3 days. Godaddy team is not giving any logical answer. It was very bad experience with godaddy. If anyone found found the solution, So please suggest me. 

I've been having the same issue for the last week or so too, I've noticed a few other posts with it as well lately but I haven't seen anyone getting answers. Anyone fixed this issue yet?

Similar issues to me as well, did you find a solution for this. Thanks


Same issue here. Anyone have a solution?


Exact same issue also. Any luck finding an answer?