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Mysql Innodb engine disabled

I've had a mysql database (supporting a drupal installation) for about 8 years on godaddy. No problem. Suddenly (on or around November 15th, although hard to know for sure) the drupal site errored out on a mysql error. 


The error reported (#1033 - Incorrect information in file) indicates that there is a corruption in the database, but if I look I see that for some reason the InnoDB engine is disabled (looks like overall, but at least for my database.) That would account for the error. But I can't restart my mysql database (on shared hosting), or even know where to look at the my,cnf file. 


Godaddy support seems to think this is something outside of their scope as a "content" issue. even though I'm asserting that its a server issue. No changes have been to our setup in probably a year (and that was simply an upgrade of drupal.)


Anybody has any ideas on how to get the appropriate attention for this issue? 





Re: Mysql Innodb engine disabled

You would need to call them back and ask it be sent over to a technician to restart the server. You can reference this document to show them the server/mysql needs to be restarted. The general support team will need to connect you with a hosting technical guide who can get a server technician to do this. Hopefully you already were able to get this resolved but wanted to message you just in case.

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