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Need help from Godaddy Support on crashed drupal website

Today I called support with three specific issues.  Now I have 4 specific issues, and one of them is a crashed website.


  1. I cannot connect to SSH (error: "ssh_exchange_identification: read: Connection reset by peer")
  2. Updates to Drupal cannot complete because backups fail on Installatron (error: "Backing-Up: Error: Compression failed. Technical error: [3] false")
  3. If I upgraded Drupal from 8.6.5 to 8.6.6 or higher, the website would fail and need to be reverted.

I needed access to SSH because the drupal drush installer might help me with item 3.  After 2 hours on the phone, godaddy toggled CageFS, which allowed me to update to 8.6.16.  However, that was only half-way to where I needed to update to.  I was still not able to make additional installatron backups due to item 2.


I did make a full site backup on cpanel.  Since we got the site permisions issues fixed, the godaddy support person Bhavana told me I could "upgrade without any issues."  So I ran installatron to update drupal to version 7.1.  The site crashed.


I asked Bhavana's help to revert the site back to 8.6.16 since I wasn't able to do it myself (still can't access SSH or change the way Installatron works under the hood from where I'm at).  I was told no additional support would be provided, even though Bhavana told me it was safe to continue upgrading.


Since the site was installed by installatron, and installatron's backups wouldn't work, I am unable to revert to a previous version.  Also, since it was set up with installatron, I'm not able to revert it manually.  The backup of the webserver is on the root directory, but Bhavana refused to help me restore it to the previous state and said it was now my issue to resolve.


I took the advice of a Godaddy support person.  I called with 3 issues and none of them were resolved.  And now I have a 4th issue, a website that no longer loads.  I need GoDaddy's help to resolve all four of these issues, starting with reverting the server to its last stable state so we can fix the other 3 issues.


Hi @Joe21,


Welcome to the Community!

The users in this forum are volunteers and have no access to your account to take these actions for you. Here is a link to the GoDaddy help article on enabling and connecting to cPanel hosting through SSH. You may wish to check that all actions have been completed. If you continue to have issues, you may want to call our Hosting Team directly at 480-463-8824. They'll be able to test in real-time and offer guidance.





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