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Need help with hosting

My web hosting is not available yet. Show status:Initialize Account and no links management.

I need to do



Helper VI
Helper VI

Re: Need help with hosting

@sakpan as stated in the community guidelines, you should contact support.

Here you have a list of their phone numbers.


Hope it helps!

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Re: Need help with hosting

My advise to to not start with GoDaddy. I am $790 into a site and nothing but problems. Find another hosting platform. do some google searches. It sems that GoDaddy has turned into an upsell organization....

Re: Need help with hosting

It is 6 month Iam with Godaddy, I did not met with any Problem in hosting (godaddy). Recently i Purchased a Domain name that is  . i want to change My hosting storage one to another but I am not getting the idea how to change this, so Please is there any body who suggest me the way to change one path to another hosting. thanks.