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NeoRouter Free server on Linux at GoDaddy?

Can I install NeoRouter server on my Economy Linux hosting account at GoDaddy? See

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Community Manager

Re: NeoRouter Free server on Linux at GoDaddy?

Hi @PhilDavidson. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! You wouldn't have the permissions needed to install this software on one of our shared Linux accounts. You could probably install it on a VPS or Dedicated Server though. Hope that helps. 


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Re: NeoRouter Free server on Linux at GoDaddy?

Thanks. That makes sense.


Would you confirm two things that I gather from your point and from general knowledge?


(1) My Economy Web Hosting Linux account isn't a whole computer, not even a whole virtual computer. Instead, I imagine it's one account on a shared Linux system, enough for me to do FTP and host a web site and do other things. Therefore the NeoRouter daemon couldn't be installed, because it would affect the other user accounts.


(2) Similarly, it wouldn't be straightforward to forward a port (typically TCP port 32976) to the NeoRouter daemon. At least it would require an extraordinary amount of custom configuration and support.


I'm too cheap to get a VPS at GoDaddy 😉


Re: NeoRouter Free server on Linux at GoDaddy?

Hey @PhilDavidson,


Just to follow up on your questions, yes you would be correct on both points. Shared hosting plans are what the name implies, shared. Meaning any system level updates or installs to the server would affect other users on the same server you are sharing resources with. 


Hope that helps. 


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