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No access on Cpanel & no access on FTP



I am new here so, apologies in advance for any mistake.

I have 2 problems with my website (


Yesterday, i had remove all files form public_html and then i started to re-upload them from backup files. This process stopped and now i cant connect.


1) I cant connect to using FileZilla FTP and the error is: "Connection timed out after 20 seconds of inactivity"


2) I cant connect to my cPanel admin and when i click to go, redirects me to:[object%20Object]


Please help me asap. I have tried to reach you via chat (offline), via phone, I was waiting for more than 20 minutes in queue.

Getting Started

Hi , did you manage to solve it? I'm experiencing the same thing here..


how did you fix it? your site is up now

Having same issue, has anyone found a solution?

hello guys,
it fixed.. i don't know how..
probably it was on godaddy side..



GoDaddy make it harder and harder with every change of their business.

I cannot understand their policy making trouble to their customers.

Harder and harder every year.

I agree, things have really gotten complicated.  A lot of hoops to jump through. 


But I'm not sure it's GoDaddy, I think it relates more to security issues which are prevalent everywhere, given practically companies everywhere are getting hacked.


The profit motive has really applied too. I have two websites with different cpanels - the old  one is so much cheaper and you don't get nickel and dimed and it's more secure than my new Godaddy site.  And they used to transfer the settings from another website for free.  Again, this feels to me a shift in attitudes wrt the profit motive