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No more free mail included with Cpanel hosting?

Just got an email today:
"Based on customer feedback, we changed some things on our Workspace email service. You get faster, super reliable email with less spam. Plus, you'll keep your unlimited email storage. Sounds good, right?
We're also reducing the base number of mailboxes on our Unlimited Plan from 10 to 5. So, your first 5 mailboxes will cost $9.99/month. Each additional mailbox will be $1.99.
Don't worry. These adjustments won't affect what you're currently doing. We're taking care of everything on our end."

Of course, there is no way to learn specifics about this unless you call them. 
Does this affect the current free Webmail accounts, or is this another product? Money grab?
The Microsoft 360 email has been the worst (and pricey) Godaddy option yet.

My shared hosting accounts have been fine for years with no email issues.

Super User II



I don't believe you have anything to worry about.


Workspace is separate from cPanel email -- two different services.  With that said, I would still confirm directly with GoDaddy if you have any questions.


I also use Office 365 and I have no problems or issues.  It is very reliable and I trust it with one of my eCommerce sites.  What sort of problems are you having -- maybe I can help. 😉


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