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PHP 7 On CPanel: WooCommerce Requires Upgrade - CPanel does not do it

I have a 3 year shared hosting cpanel site which is very basic. Was thinking for using GoDaddy for some new ecommerce sites and find that WooCommerce requires an upgrade to PHP. Glad I chose to pilot the web shops on my existing site as an added page since it surfaced the added fees for SSL and PHP upgrades. Let me know if I am missing something. If not will choose another hoster for the new sites. The edited message from WooCommerce follows.


"WooCommerce has recommended using at least PHP 5.6. WordPress, the content management system that WooCommerce uses, has listed PHP 7 as the recommended version on n their requirements page:

Can you please let me know if my hosting supports PHP 5.6 or higher and how I can upgrade?"