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PHP Post Data Limited to 1 MB

Error "413 Request Entity Too Large" message is presented when attempting to post more than 1MB of data to a PHP page.  I selected PHP 7.1 and set these parameters from the control panel.


max_execution_time 120

post_max_size 128M

upload_max_filesize 128M

memory_limit 128M 


I'm running this test on a new CPanel Linux website that consists of only two files shown below.





<FORM METHOD="POST" ACTION="testpostsize.php" enctype="multipart/form-data">

Data <INPUT NAME="data" TYPE="text" SIZE="20"> <INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="Send">






$Data = $_POST['data'];




When you enter the URL, the home screen presents an entry field and Send button.  If you enter less than 1 MB and click Send you see SUCCESS.  If you enter 1MB or more of text, it presents the 413 error.


Other tests I have tried include different PHP versions, put those PHP config parameters in a .user.ini file in the public_html folder, turned off all of the PHP extensions and ran the same test on three different Godaddy hosting accounts, but the test always fails with more than 1 MB.  I've also tried posting from different web browsers running on different Mac and Windows computers and posting directly from a Mac application, but the test still always fails.


When I run the same test on websites hosted by two different non-godaddy hosting companies, the test is always successful.


Any ideas?


I've been on the horn with them for quite some time.  It appears that there is indeed a 1MB limit but they won't say.  The assistant, who was accommodating, intimated, but wouldn't verify, this by saying that such a limit might be protected, 'unpublished', information... a security issue.  Form files can be large, but if you try and post, say a textarea form element that exceeds that limit, it will fail with 416 error.


Unless the next upgrade, 'business', allows a larger post, the alternative is your very own server where you control all the parameters.  We don't have the talent for that so we may have to move on.