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PHP file manager listing all folders

Hello, I have a shared hosting with godaddy however I have friends users with individual folders linked to active domains. I don't want them being able to see their folders but I noticed a simple PHP file manager lists all folders on the account because the owner is the same user in case of shared hosting. This is very disturbing because I checked and such manager was able to delete my entire home directory simply because the whole directory tree beyond /home/xxxxxx/ is owned by one user.


I hope I am making sense .. I just want to block such scripts being executed because my friends could do the same thing, upload similar file manager and not only OPEN all content beyond /home/xxxxxx but also DELETE the whole thing.


Anyone that will help me , may he be blessed.


This would not be an issue if I could set few different owners beyond /home/xxxxxx but on shared hosting i suppose i can forget about it.


P.S. Ideally I am looking for a solution that does not disable me from executing PHP files through web browsers.


Best Regards


Mark Sparrow

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Re: PHP file manager listing all folders

Shared hosting means the server is divided between multiple accounts, not that the accounts are dividable between multiple users.  Only grand access to someone you would trust not to negatively affect your account.

Re: PHP file manager listing all folders

I agree but still, isn't there a way? to restrict php scripts to only read contents of the folder that they are located in ?