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PHP process crashing

Our PHP process appears to be crashing when uploading images. The PHP script resizes the image using Imagick and then updates MySQL. After uploading ~30 pictures (which are done one at a time and each using their own HTTP request), we get an ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE in Chrome. I go into cpanel and checkout the PHP process and the PHP process doesn't exist or a new ID is there. After some more trials, I noticed our I/O Usage is getting close to maxed (1,048,576) when uploading images and then drops back down.


Is the maxed I/O killing the PHP process? There are no error logs that I can find anywhere that tell me what is going on. Everything I've read both in the forums and elsewhere simply suggests I/O gets queued and thus things become slow but in my case it appears to be killing the process. Any thoughts?


I'm using GoDaddy's Deluxe 2 shared hosting plan.


As an update: I chatted with GoDaddy chat support. Apparently exceeding the I/O is causing the PHP process to crash or be reset. Which causes the server to go down for 20 or 30 seconds.