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PHP7 Update

Hi Guys,


We can not find PHP7 in our control panel -> Select PHP Version. 
1. Can you please tell us when this will be ready?

2. Why this is not fixed yet ?


Kind Regards,

Helper VI

I spoke to support about this and they told me that they have to make sure that it is safe to add it first before implementing... they didn't say when it will be ready.
~Jan Mykhail Hasselbring Web Administrator @

PHP7 has been stable since December 2015. I'm thinking you guys have had plenty of time to make sure it's safe.

Not only is PHP v7 unavailable, the 5.6 they're currently offering is not even the latest (it's only v5.6.3) making the divide between it and the list of deprecated items greater for migration to PHP 7. This means even more support calls when PHP 7 becomes available... and the additional support calls are the logical reason why they would not offer the current stable PHP 7 version so it makes no sense. Furthermore; the list of  backward incompatible items is not that long --> PHP 7 migration list of backward incompatible code. All the other hosting companies I use have had PHP 7 for awhile now so I don't get it. At all.

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sad to say but it seems like GoDaddy has given up.

Getting Started

Anything yet?

Any sign of hope?

I also want you to upgrade my php to 7.0

i cannot do anything with the old one (5.6)


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6/7/2017 Just spoke with hosting support, dude said he doesn't know and no one knows, it's above his pay grade and his supervisor's pay grade. Ok, lol.... The only solution seems to be, switching host.
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We just checked our Godaddy Cpanel Shared hosting and PHP 7.1 is now available... has anyone else noticed this?


We've been waiting for way too long now, not sure if its true...

Product Team


Exciting news to all GoDaddy cPanel users. Your account is now updated with the latest PHP 7.0 and 7.1! If you want to update, login to your cPanel dashboard. Then under the Software heading click “Select PHP version”. In the top left of the PHP selection page use the dropdown the PHP version you want and click set as current. You are now ready to go! But a heads-up before you update, I recommend you check you site for compatibility first. If you have any questions our customer support team is happy to help 24/7. Just call (480) 505-8877.

 - Paul Seguritan, cPanel Product Manager

PHP 7 is not available for me. I have the option to upgrade to 5.4 or 5.6, that's it. How come? 

I am also getting the same issue, Why I am facing the same issue?


GoDaddy, why we are facing this issue, aren't we paying you enough already! I mean it's been almost 3 years since PHP7 is stable but still we don't have easy option to upgrade PHP version to 7.  


P.S. I have already upgraded to EasyApache4!


I am really disappointed with this.