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PHPMailer stopped working about two weeks ago

We have set up PHPMailer on our GoDaddy hosted website. We are aware of the particular settings GoDaddy requires in order for the plugin to work so we used those.


$m = new PHPMailer;


    $m->Host = '';
    //$m->SMTPDebug  = 2;
    $m->Port = 25;
    $m->SMTPAuth = false;
    $m->SMTPSecure = false;
    $m->CharSet  = "UTF-8";

    $m->From = '';
    $m->FromName = 'OUR COMPANY';


This worked perfectly for months, but about a week ago we started getting:

Mailer Error: SMTP connect() failed.


We haven't touched the code for months so it's not something we changed.

Has anyone run into this issue in the last couple weeks? Any ideas on how to solve it? I've been on customer support with GoDaddy for over an hour and that did not help at all.


Community Team
Community Team

If you haven't made any updates, it would be hard to determine what changed to make the mail stop working properly.  Have you tested another email address in the mailer to see if that makes a difference?  


Most likely Godaddy is blocking it