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Password Protecting Website Not Working With iPhone/iPad with Chrome

I have a family website that I protect with a password protected directory in my cPanel.  It works fine on Windows with any browser, it works fine on Android with any browser, but on an iPad or iPhone, it will NOT work when using the Chrome browser (it will work on an iPad or iPhone using the Safari browser).


When an iPad or iPhone goes to the website on Chrome, the window requiring the username and password does not appear.   Instead a webpage appears that states.....



This server could not verify that you are authorized  to access the document request..."


I’ve had persons using IPads & iPhones with Chrome complain and I tried it out myself tonight.


Is this a known issue? (I couldn’t find any information about it).  Is there a work-around solution?  Thanks for any suggestions.


Hi @keystonestate

Thanks for posting in our forums. We haven't had any known issues with regard to password protection not working within a specific browser. The Chrome browser that you're using might need to be updated or you might have a plugin that is incompatible. Without the domain name it's hard to troubleshoot to see if we can duplicate the issue. If you're still experiencing issues, please reach out to our support team to look further into this. 

KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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