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Pro Dashboard Bugs

The Pro Dashboard leaves a bitter taste...


In order to setup the client's credit card and payment settings, the first purchase (1 domain) was made directly under the client's account and not under the Pro Dashboard, so that I could save the payments settings.


Went back to shop for the same client account but under the Pro Dashboard (so that I could get the points), bought products (webhosting, SSL and Domain) with my card, assigned them to the clients account.


Under the client's account it shows now:

  • 1 Web hosting
  • 1 SSL
  • 2 Domains
    • 1 bought directly under the clients account (ownership owned by client)
    • 1 bought through the Pro Dashboard under the client's account (ownership owned by client)

When I do log as the client from the Pro Dashboard and go to my products I only see one domain, other products are not there! Moreover when I go back to the client's panel from the Pro Dashboard and go to settings from Web Hosting, I can access the cPanel, but once in there I cannot assign the domain name which was bought under the client's account directly!


Did anyone experienced the same issues and found a way around it?


I find the entire experience very frustrating, I am very surprised that GoDaddy team does not resolve such issues.


The Pro Dashboard is not very user friendly!

Getting Started

I haven't had any experience with that as yet.


But this morning I can't access "Sites", it give a 505 error on all browsers.

Former Employee


Not sure I understand correctly (sorry if I got this wrong), but seems you haven't asked your client to delegate his account access to you (you didn't mention this).


If you had done that - you would have had clients product/purchase details in Pro Clients.


Hope this helps.