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Problem installing Wordpress

Hello, I have a Domain Transferred to Godaddy purchased a Web-hosting for it from 2 weeks.
But when I try to install WordPress from Cpanel I got this error:
! PHP for the selected domain has failed.
Installatron is unable to install to a domain where PHP is not working.
Your hosting provider can help you resolve this error.
Error code: 1; HTTP code: 500
I called the Support 2 times and got no really help !
please help me , my website is useless without Wordpress

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Re: Problem installing Wordpress

Hello @rafi54,


I'm no expert in WordPress installations but there is a good answer on this issue from @TechFly. Check it out at WordPress Not Installing, I hope that helps?

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Re: Problem installing Wordpress

Hi @rafi54


Thank you for your post. Sorry to hear about the hiccup on the wordpress install. To me it sounds like the process became corrupt or something similar.  Normally I would advise to contact the customer services hosting team to review but sounds like this may be a new  plan with no existing content on it. 


I recommend you preform a reset to the cPanel account. Below is a link to the help guide of what  steps to take to reset the cPanel for a new setup so that it will re-provision its connection strings.


cPanel: Start over (erase all content)


Hope this helps!




Re: Problem installing Wordpress


Re: Problem installing Wordpress

Techfly answer really helped me alot. I am grateful . stay blessed.