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Remote database

Hello, First of all I'm completelly new to webhosting and webprogramming. I'm developing and Android application where I have a simple database that needs to be updated. I was thinking to use mySQL database. I tried to look around the cPanel to see something that I would understand but Im lost and I need some pointers.


First of all if Im gonna give the application to some people at work and they have obviously different IP adresses do I have to manually add every single IP adress to the remote mySQL whitelist ?  I need access to the database from outside from random IPs that I would not be able to insert in the allowed list ? Is that possible ? 


Second of all how do I find the server name for the database? In the database areas there is no details of that. Its just the IP adress of the webhosting and thats it ? The user names are the one I insert manually near the database ? Thanks.