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Reseller Package to sell to own customers without having the website.

I am bit new to godaddy and want the reseller package similar to hostgator that has access to WHM


Do we have similar package where we could generate customer by ourselves and not by showing website and allowing to buy from them(Reading on the reseller program on your website seems like that to me)

I might be mistaken but the page here most probably says like that:

Former Employee

Hi Teddywest32,


GoDaddy does not offer a cpanel reseller plan stand alone such as how hostgator does. The reseller program though with GoDaddy is pretty good, a good way to make some extra money and it works out to be much cheaper then paying that monthly fee at hostgator. 


Hello JayFromEpic,


So, does that means we cannot have a WHM and create the customer's account by ourselves? I am confused about that thing.


Thank You! for your help.

Hi teddywest32,


With the traditional reseller plans offered currently with GoDaddy, you would not have that sort of reseller account. 


If you would like access to WHM to sell solely cPanel hosting accounts, you certainly can but this would require atleast a VPS to do so. 


Hope this helps!