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Search engine redirects and 500 Internal Server Errors...

I've been with GoDaddy for more than 10 years now...I have an Ultimate Web Hosting account (Linux), which hosts unlimited domains. I've never had a problem - until now. The root domain of my account is All my other domains are hosted underneath that one (maybe 15 of them). When you surf directly to the root domain itself via your browser, there are no problems. But when you go to the domain from a search engine, it redirects to an online pharmacy. (This is for The other domains, when you click on them in a search engine, it returns a 500 Internal Server error. If you surf directly to them in a browser, the sites load fine. So it seems like I have some corrupted websites, malware, what have you. This is basically ruining my business as my customers' websites are getting zero traffic from the search engines as a result. My question is, does anybody know what this is, and how it can be fixed?...

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Re: Search engine redirects and 500 Internal Server Errors...



That would be a base64 virus that places redirects in your website server files. The easiest and best way to take care of that would be GoDaddy's Website Security products. 


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