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Shell Access no longer working

I'm not sure if its related to the cPanel interface updates, but ever since then, I can't ssh into my server.  I'm on Windows. I can use WinSCP but not Putty for some reason.  It just says the following:


 « Shell access is not enabled on your account!
If you need shell access please contact support. »


I went to the new cPanel interface -> Security -> SSH Access -> Manage SSH Keys. My old key was gone and the default rsa and dsa keys were 'Unauthorized'.  I added my key, authorized it and it did not work.  I tried downloading the default id_rsa keys, converting them with PuttyGen and that did not work either.


Did something get reset with the new cPanel?  Am I missing some switch I have to flip?


Re: Shell Access no longer working

Oh, yeah and all the old docs for GoDaddy are for the old interface so I haven't found any resources for this.

Re: Shell Access no longer working

I've got the same issue.

Re: Shell Access no longer working

If you can find the support chat (the link is suprisingly hard to find), chat with someone there and they can enable shell access.  Its on their end.


Re: Shell Access no longer working

Thanks - they seem to have disabled this for everyone with last week's change.  It's annoying that they didn't inform anyone of this change.

Re: Shell Access no longer working

I got shell access to work after resetting the CPanel main password.


Re: Shell Access no longer working

I was having this same issue recently too. I was able to chat with a representative to get it fixed.

For anyone else having this problem, she said that it could be fixed by toggling the SSH Access off and then on again.

My Account > Web Hosting, click 'Manage'
Settings > SSH Access, click 'Manage'. The toggle is at the top.


Re: Shell Access no longer working

Toggling it on and off doesn't work.  I've done that a few times already.


EDIT: And then I just called them and they sorted it out pretty quickly.  Was much less painful that I thought it would be.