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Helper II

Site Backup

I purchased site backup for my hosting account today and after looking at the interface and calling tech support, I canceled it.


There is no "backup now" button

You cannot change the time of day the daily backup is made


These were deal breakers to me and thus I saved the $2/month and will just make periodic manual backups on demand.


Please pass on to developers to add the above shortcomings in a future release.


Thank You

Helper I



I'm glad to have stumbled on this topic as I have something else to add here, which is for me even bigger case than the "backup now" option.


Currently, backup happens once per day, I've got couple websites which can use my current backup storage of 10GB after 20 days. That said, for each of these websites I have at least 20 copies. Now, I'm thinking why would I need a backed up copy 20 days or plus. I know, there may be the case for so many backups, however, for me and I believe for the many of us, there is no really need for that.


So, what happens? After 20 days, when I reach the limit of 10 GB, I get the message to buy larger backup storage. Why? To store even older backups, e.g. 40 days, 6 months, which I will never use?


What I would like is, when I reach the limit of 10 GB, older backups get automatically deleted to make space for new one. Of course, if someone believes that he/she needs to keep historically 100 backups for last 100 days, well, he should be able still to purchase larger backup storage.


I may have missed something related to backup which made me write above, If so, please let me know if there is something to be done in regard.


Thanks folks!


So where did this button go?


How do I initiate a backup?


This is so frustrating. I just initiated a new site (because the useless migration tool wouldn't work and just kept giving me a **bleep** "invalid URL message" even though it turns out it didn't like a plugin that I had in the source site).

Now I want to migrate stuff over to the new instance, but I want to create a managed backup first.

But no now button 😞
And NO explanation as to why it is not there.