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Site ruined after upgrade from shared hosting to business hosting

Hello all, 


I am curious to see if anyone has had issues with moving from Godaddy's shared hosting to business hosting. I made the move last week and have had my site nothing short of destroyed in the process. 


Before the move, I was doing great with at least 3000 uniques a day, no down time, no crashes, and the page speed scores at less than 6 seconds without fail. 

After the move there were endless crashes, I managed to have Godaddy's staff have a good enough look to tell me that there were optimization issues and that the site was not optimized for the business server (both are on cPanel). To optimize the site, I had to pay an extra $60 to have expert Wordpress help (takes 72 hours to fix). That period of Wordpress support has passed and my site has been left in endless 503 crashes, page speeds are at 30 plus seconds and my views have suffered from it miserably. 


Essentially a server upgrade to a faster (more expensive) business server has crushed my business overnight that took me so long to get up and running. 


I am wondering if anyone else has had the same issue and what they did to address it?



Hey @bendsc


Sorry to hear about this experience. Were you still working with our live support teams to help investigate and resolve the issue? This is not a typical occurrence after most migrations, but hopefully our teams were able to help you identify the cause and get your site working responsively once more. 


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I had a similar issue when I upgraded my old hosting to a new one with CPanel and newer PHP versions. It was stable before, but after switching it was constant 503 errors and downtime.


I asked a GoDaddy technician to help, but they were unable to so they just said to upgrade my plan and tried to get off the chat with me.


Then this technician went into my FTP files and altered my public_html to make my site go down, out of spite.


Sure we can work with GoDaddy's live support teams, but they definitely don't help identify the cause and are actively malicious half of the time. They are either aggressively pushing for upsells, or in my case actively trying to harm my files and business.


I've never had such an experience and still can't find where I'm supposed to escalate this complaint.


This is only one of my family's GoDaddy accounts -- our other is full of dozens of domains, domain auctions, more hosting plans, and lots of renewal fees. We're anxious to remove all of our business from this company.

I just had this happen to me today. Spent years building up the business to the point of $5k+ per day in sales, was talked into upgrading hosting by GoDaddy and assured it would be seamless with no issues and a migration would take place automatically. Literally minutes later the site was down, I’ve spent the last 16 hours trying to get it fixed but just being treated like garbage by the poor support staff who just pass you to next person continuously. The issue is still not resolved and I am thousands of dollars in the hole from lost revenue and paying GoDaddy for an ‘upgrade’ I probably didn’t even need but got talked into. I am no closer to an answer from GoDaddy with what to do next and they told me to give them a call back at 2AM for an update (yes, 2 in the morning)