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Switch from Joomla to Wordpress



I was wondering how to go about completely dropping Joomla and switching to Wordpress? I want to just start from scratch with wordpress.


FYI---I do not have any access to my Joomla admin panel.

Getting Started

@TKC, You mention you want to completely start over from scratch with WordPress -- in this case, delete all the files in your hosting account (using FTP or any other method you use to manage your files) and install WordPress instead. Joomla! will also leave a database behind which you will also have to delete manually (e.g., via phpAdmin). Joomla! doesn't provide an uninstall function.


You can also find numerous resources (tutorials and WordPress plugins) if you search for "Joomla to WordPress" in case you'd like to transfer your current Joomla! content to WordPress, after all.

I have the same issue. I can't install wordpress as it says Joomla is already installed. 


So I went to the hosting for my domain > files & FTP > file manager > and deleted any files I could there. 


it still says Joomla is installed and it won't let me install WP. Any help appreciated. Thanks. 

I also deleted the database, as per the instructions here:


Still no luck, wordpress won't install as it says something is already installed on my domain. 

In the past, if you install " Joomla " via the " Installatron " application, it's better to uninstall from

Installatron method.  if you did as in a manually way, then use the file manager to delete every aspect belongs to Joomla.  




If this helps give me Kudos! Good luck!