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Switched to cpannel, Can't send email using g suite email

I bought a new domain. I switched my hosting from deluxe Linux to cpanel. I bought g suite because I want Gmail with my own domain name.

Installed an available app for invoicing. Configured email settings, can't send email get config errors.

Sweet g suite global to allow less secure. Logged into the Gmail account in question and set it there as well. Don't have 2fa enabled.

Installed basic contact form app. Also can't send email.


Hi @Sonic76,


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I understand you're using cPanel hosting, but not a cPanel email address for your forms and applications. Be sure to check the "Email Routing" area (in your cPanel Admin) for any emails being sent out from the website. You should have it set for "Remote Mail Exchanger" or "Automatically Detect Configuration". Try them one at a time to see if this will resolve your issue with email output. 



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