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The Resources frequently get maxed out | Tried all the available solutions in other forums


My website frequently gets halt down and does not respond. It is because of the following two resources always being maxed out in such times.


1. Memory Usage

2. I/O Usage


I have attached the screenshots. The breakdown comes every few minutes and lasts for some time. It is driving the traffic away from my website. I have also added the memory limit in Wordpress Config php file. Please suggest the solutions.




Look at the visitors option in cPanel when this is happening. Sometimes it helps you track down a file that is being accessed when this is happening.


Also, go to CPU / Concurrent connection usage, click snapshots, then click a date and pick a few times. It shows processes that were running when cPanel noticed an overload.


It's possible neither of these will help, but I've tracked down silly issues like a poorly written theme accessing a file several times a minute if you set the logo to a file that doesn't exist, or that a backup plugin was running every time there was a resources event for example.